Project Management & Technical Assistance

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Project Management & Technical Assistance

Many consultants can tell you what they think you should do, but effectively designing a project, managing workflows, and implementing recommendations is easier said than done. Sudbury Consulting is different. We can translate your ideas into data-driven action items and can help you create, manage, measure, and monitor projects to achieve desired outcomes.

With demonstrated leadership and years of experience designing, leading, evaluating, and implementing a wide and diverse range of projects, Sudbury Consulting will help you decide what to do, develop a budget, form an action plan, and ensure that your team crosses the finish line.

We offer the following services:

At Salt Lake County, Noella successfully designed, led, and implemented a number of successful projects, including Salt Lake County’s Expungement Day and the Salt Lake County Sober Living Pilot Program. Each of these successful programs has been featured in the media, and they continue to help hundreds of Utahns find jobs and homes. For more information about these projects:

Expungement Day

Sober Living

Sudbury Consulting can provide on and off-site technical assistance and project support to help clients understand their issues, develop project and policy solutions, identify goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes, apply best practices, and connect to other organizations and resources engaged in similar work.

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I’ve had a chance to work with a number of consultants throughout my career, and Noella is easily one of the best! She is extremely efficient, produces outstanding work products, and has a demonstrated track record in states across the political spectrum.
Andrew Page, Former Director of External Affairs, Crime & Justice Institute