Data & Dashboards

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Data & Dashboards

In a technological age, most of us have a wealth of valuable data at our fingertips, but we don’t always know how to organize, visualize, share, or use this data in the most effective way.

Sudbury Consulting specializes in helping governments, non-profits, and private organizations understand what data they have and how to use it. Sudbury Consulting can help you extract data from your systems and transform stale reports and data into real-time, interactive tools that can start conversations, generate important insights, drive more effective decision-making, and allow you to measure outcomes on an ongoing basis.

While at Salt Lake County, Noella worked on several public and private-facing data dashboard projects that helped criminal justice stakeholders access, understand, analyze, and visualize data to determine policy priorities, guide stakeholder dialogue, implement new projects, identify desired outcomes, and measure results. These projects included, but were not limited to understanding the intersection of criminal justice and homelessness, intergenerational incarceration, policing vulnerable populations, the intersection of criminal justice and behavioural health, and the cost of frequent utilizers.

Whether your project is big or small, Sudbury Consulting will take the time to understand and analyze your data set, and design customized products that your organization can use to communicate with stakeholders and improve system-wide outcomes.

For an example of a public-facing dashboard project that Noella helped design and develop, see the Salt Lake County Jail Dashboard.

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Noella has been an incredible asset to Salt Lake County. She understands the importance of data and how to use it. Her work on the jail dashboard project helped us to understand our data and use it to drive decision-making. She left a lasting impact on our county and has given us tools and strategies to understand our jail population, reduce recidivism, and focus on alternatives to incarceration that keep our community safe.
Sheriff Rosa Rivera, Salt Lake County