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Policy & Government Relations

Policy and Government Relations

Sudbury Consulting brings over 10 years of legal, legislative, and criminal justice system experience to the table. Noella is a demonstrated leader and substantive expert on many criminal justice related issues, including criminal record expungement,  juvenile justice, prosecutorial reform, the intersection of criminal justice and homelessness, drug policy, health policy, reentry, and affordable housing.

Noella has significant policy and management experience, and as a former Vice President and manager of the nationwide Government Interactions Compliance team for Goldman Sachs, she has expertise in lobbying laws and activities throughout the nation.

In 2019, Noella led the effort that resulted in the passage of HB 431, Utah’s new “Clean Slate” law. With the unanimous passage of this historic law, Utah became only the second state in the nation to automate the criminal record expungement process for low-level offenders. Following this success, she was invited to work on the National Clean Slate Initiative, and is now assisting stakeholders across the nation in passing legislation that promotes public safety, saves money, and improves individual-level and system-wide outcomes.

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When I served as the Salt Lake County Mayor, I was thrilled to appoint Noella as a member of my cabinet, and one of my senior policy advisors. Noella is smart, driven, informed, and has a broad range of skills. She is a demonstrated leader and knows what it takes to pass bipartisan bills that help all constituents.
Former Rep. Ben McAdams, Utah’s 4th Congressional District