Access to Justice Projects

Photo of the Supreme Court building.

Access to Justice Projects

An estimated 5 billion people across the globe have unmet justice needs, and research shows that close to 90% of Americans with legal issues received inadequate or no legal assistance with their problems. This year, the Utah Supreme Court and Utah State Bar have taken a significant step to change these statistics and bridge the access to justice gap in Utah. Utah’s Regulatory Sandbox Program relaxes the traditional rules permitting only licensed lawyers to provide legal advice, allowing non-lawyers and tech experts to design and deliver new ways of providing legal services to Utahns in need.

Sudbury Consulting is committed to bridging the access to justice gap, and already has one submitted and approved legal innovation project. Having successfully navigated Utah’s regulatory application and approval process, Sudbury Consulting is well positioned to help guide other entities in their goals to make their legal innovation ideas a reality.

We offer the following services:

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Note: Sudbury Consulting, LLC is not a member of the Utah Office of Innovation or the Utah Supreme Court.

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